Year 6 Transition

Dear Parent/Carer,

Although it is still unclear to us all when schools will reopen, we do need to continue planning for the year 6s transition to secondary school as usual.

As part of the transition to TCS Exeter Road, we are asked to suggest possible groups of children who may work well in the same tutor groups along with those that we feel would not work well together. With this in mind, we would like to allow you a chance to put forward your views of children who you would like your child to be put with, and if any, those you would not, to help inform our recommendations.

Please note that although we welcome and value your contribution, it doesn’t mean that your child will necessarily be put with, or not with, all the ones that you suggest as some allowance needs to be made for children who do and do not work well together in class and staff at Exeter Road also have all the year 6s from other feeder primary schools to consider as well.

For your views to be considered, we will need your reply by Wednesday 6th May. Please discuss this with your child and then reply to your their class teacher via email with the subject ‘transition’ and then clearly stating your child’s name and your requests. No reasons or further detail should be given.

Email addresses to use are as follows: or

If nothing is received, we will assume you do not have any particular suggestions for your child and if your child is not attending TCS Exeter Road for their secondary school, you do not need to reply either.

Kind regards,

Mrs Dudley, Mr Gobel and the year 6 team.