Breakfast Club

At Teignmouth Primary School, we run a daily Breakfast Club which starts at 8am until school starts at 8:45am. Breakfast Club is available for children in Reception to Year 6 (aged 5 to 11).

Breakfast club is £2.50 per person, per day. There is a discount available for children who are entitled to the benefits’ led Free School Meal entitlement.

Breakfast Club takes place in our hall with entry via the double doors leading into the hall.

What we can offer
Children are able to access a breakfast menu (see below) and also have the opportunity to access structured play including colouring, puzzles and access to educational games on our fleet of iPads.
Children are then escorted into class by an adult.

Our breakfast club menu is as follows:

Bread items
• Toast/Bread
• Bagels
• Crumpets

We also have a selection of butter, jam and marmalade.

• Cornflakes
• Rice Crispies
• Weetabix

• Milk
• Water
• Squash

How to book
Children need to be booked in advance to ‘Breakfast Club’ before they arrive. This can be done by using the booking system via ‘School Money’ or by contacting the school office.