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We are a nursery linked to the primary phase of Teignmouth Primary School, located at the top of Mill Lane, led by fully qualified teachers.

The nursery has two rooms and ample outdoor environments to explore.

We take children from age two upwards, and we welcome them to start at any point during the term time.

You can see what your child is up to during the day with us at nursery via the Seesaw app. It is a great way for us to communicate between school and home and allows you to upload photos, videos and comments of your child’s achievements too.

We currently have availability for our nursery so please contact Mrs Elver or contact us on 01626 772320 to find out more.

Please take a look at our nursery information page.

Meet our team

Spring 2

Our topic for this half term is ‘Going on Safari’.

We will go ‘on safari’ in our woods and see how they are changing now that spring is on the way. We will plant some more seeds and see how they grow in the warmer, lighter weather.

We will look at animals that we can see around us and investigate the lifecycles of frogs and butterflies. We will explore the books, ‘Handa’s Surprise’, ‘Flip Flap Safari’ and ‘We’re going on a Lion Hunt’. We will look at the spaces between words, page numbers and syllables in words.

We will draw animals that we might see on safari and begin to form letters from our names.

We will investigate warm countries.

In maths, we will continue to develop our number work and extend our depth of understanding of what makes numbers. We will aim to subitise (recognise without counting) 3 objects, show 4 fingers, make marks to represent 4, count objects to 5 and will recite numbers to 7.

We will continue to compare quantities, exploring ‘more than’ and ‘fewer/less than’. We will also compare full and empty objects, and explore the positional words ‘in front of’ and ‘behind’.

We will continue to sing lots of songs and nursery rhymes and to explore and revisit key texts, so that children really know and understand the stories.

We will explore ‘where’ questions and aim to have conversations with an adult or friend that continue for many turns. We will use photographs and events from the children’s lives to inspire these conversations.

We will continue to develop physical skills through playdough and other manipulative materials, through ball and hoop games, through dance and copying sequences and through copying actions to songs, among many other activities.

We are looking forward to the warmer weather and another exciting half term.

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