Music progression map

Teignmouth pupils will be inspired, influenced and appreciate the colourful world of music. On their musical journey they will acquire true passion and in-depth knowledge to motivate an enquiring mind, to fully immerse in the historical foundations and variety of musical genres. Through their understanding pupils will be able to articulate and express creativity, talent and become captivated in the dynamics of composition, performance and evaluation. By empowering children’s natural talents and harnessing inclusion for all will impact on their future decisions and shape their future self. At Teignmouth we will celebrate collectively the achievements of all, as all hearts beat as one.


We want our EYFS pupils to respond to sounds of music and be able to explore this through movement. Whilst also, providing opportunities, for children to learn songs, rhythms and rhymes. Be able to explore sounds through a variety of instruments and body percussion and investigate how sounds can be changed. It will be fully immersive and provide first hand experiences.

In KS1, pupils are to explore the vocabulary, experiment with using rhythm, tone and volume, creatively. Children will listen with concentration to music to form opinions, identify the instruments used and analyse the purpose that the music was created for, including the emotions they may evoke. Children will be given the opportunity to evaluate their own piece of music as well as perform. Pupils will experience live performances and musical recordings. They will be exposed to different genres and encouraged to identify their own musical interests.

Pupils will sing and play music with increasing confidence, control and fluency on their own and collaboratively in an ensemble. Further be able to extend the understanding and vocabulary of music. Be introduced to musical notations. As well as different composers where they will be able to compare and contrast. Evaluate, discuss, identify any individuals’ natural talents and provide platforms and challenges.


Here are some of our children enjoying their music lessons across the school!



Key Stage 1