Teignmouth Fire Station

This week we are focusing on firefighters and were lucky enough to be invited to visit our local fire station. We were met by 3 firefighters who took us upstairs and answered lots of questions asked by the children. Firefighter Paul talked to us about their uniform and their roles in our community. Mr Lovering and Mrs Knight then had a challenge to complete- they raced to see who could put on the firefighters uniform the quickest! We then ventured downstairs in the police station where we saw where the uniforms and helmets are stored. Each firefighter has a peg and a locker to keep their things in. Paul then showed us the fire engines which were amazing. We looked at all of the different bits of equipment and found out that a fire engine can carry 1800 litres of water at a time. We then had a go using the hose and each had to try to knock over the cone. A brilliant time was had by all.