Sats Week

Dear parents and carers,


SATs week is next week! The children have worked exceptionally hard and we are very proud of their efforts.

For Monday to Thursday of next week, please could our Year 5 pupils come straight to the hall for registration. They will take part in some fun activities whilst the Year 6s have their tests.

Our Year 6 pupils will come straight to the classroom. For any Y6 pupil who would like a free breakfast, please enter through breakfast club at 8:30.

A timetable of our papers are included below, but here are a few final things you can do to help:

  1. Make sure your child has a good night’s sleep
  2. Help your child get to school on time
  3. Remind them that the main thing is trying their best- their teachers are very proud of them!
  4. Let us know of any concerns or worries (no matter how seemingly small) so we can support your child further



9th May

·  Grammar and punctuation – 45 minutes

·  Spelling – 20 minutes (approximately)


10th May

·  Reading – 1 hour

11th May

·  Maths paper 1, Arithmetic – 30 minutes

·  Maths paper 2, Reasoning – 40 minutes


12th May

·  Maths paper 3, Reasoning – 40 minutes

13th May

No tests

No School Breakfast


Thank you again for all of your support. Have a lovely weekend!

Mr Marchant

Deputy Headteacher