Parents’ Reading Workshop.

On Thursday 5th December, we invited parents into school for a reading workshop.  We shared how we teach guided reading from years 2-6, the whole-class guided reading model.  Parents were then invited into class to work alongside their child/children to see reading in action.

A great morning was had by all and this some of the feedback received:

Today’s workshop enabled me to understand more about how reading is developed with my child at school.

  • 86% strongly agreed.
  • 16% agreed.

Today’s workshop has given me some input on how I can further support my child at home with their reading.

  • 81% strongly agreed.
  • 16% agreed.
  • 3% somewhat agree.

Being able to see my child’s teacher deliver a related session in class was important and beneficial to me.

  • 80% strongly agreed.
  • 20% agreed.

I would like more opportunities such as today to learn about how to support my child and see my child learning in school.

  • 84% strongly agreed.
  • 13% agreed
  • 3% somewhat agree.


What Went Well Quotes:

  • You’re doing a great job – my child really enjoys reading.
  • Really nice to see children interacting in class and the different learning techniques used.
  • Such a valuable session.  Lovely to see and understand how the children are taught and how we can help at home.
  • Very enlightening on how the teachers encourage the children. I loved the topic.
  • I really enjoyed being able to be involved and see what my child does at school.
  • It was very interesting to see how my child is learning and has given me a few ideas on how to encourage and help her reading.


You can find out more about how we teach literacy, along with useful resources here