Meet the teacher – links for virtual meeting

Dear Parents/Carers – please find the links below to the ‘Meet the Teacher’ online meetings taking place at 3:30pm and 5:00pm on Tuesday 13th of July.

The meeting is being streamed via Microsoft Teams.   You will not need to download Microsoft Teams or create an account.  The link should take you straight to the meeting.

Nursery (4:15pm) – Mrs Sandercock

Link –

Nursery Powerpoint

Reception – Mrs Freshwater
3:30pm and 5:00pm Link –

Reception Powerpoint

Year 1 – Miss Langdown
3:30pm link –

5pm link –

Miss Langdown’s Powerpoint

Year 2  – Mrs Emery and Mrs Fleming
link –

Mrs Emery and Mrs Fleming’s Powerpoint

Year 3 – Mr Paine
3:30pm link –

5:00pm link –

Mr Paine’s Powerpoint

Year 3/4 – Miss Sowden
3:30pm and 5:00pm link –

Miss Sowden’s Powerpoint

Year 4/5 – Mrs Dudley
3:30pm link –

5pm link –

Mrs Dudley’s Powerpoint

Year 5/6 – Mr Correy
3:30pm link –

5:00pm link –

Mr Correy’s powerpoint

Year 5/6 – Miss Gobel and Mr Marchant
link –

Miss Gobel and Mr Marchant’s powerpoint