Letter to Parents 8.12.2021

8th December 20201

Dear Parents and Carers,

I was saddened to read of negative comments about the school on social media in the last few days regarding actions that we have taken in response to Covid.

Staff are working extremely hard whilst being short-staffed with some doing multiple roles as well as their own at the moment. They have gone above and beyond for the children as they always do.

Decisions around Christmas productions have been thought about carefully. We have been advised by Public Health England not to have large gatherings. This includes staff meetings, assemblies and staff Christmas do’s. Allowing parents to watch 90+ children – even outside of a hall – is encouraging this and so we cannot have this as an option. There will be no live audience; however, the children will still get to perform and we will record this for you so that you still get to share in the experience. I appreciate that many of you are disappointed with this, as are we. This is a decision we are having to make. We are still in the stages of our outbreak management plan and any risks taken this late in the term will therefore have a 10 day knock on effect for parents’, children’s and staff’s Christmas. This is important especially after last year’s restrictions. Safety has to come first.

We have appreciated the support given to the school by the vast majority of parents, and recognise that the negative comments come from a small minority.  Thank you for your continued support for the school and the children’s safety at what has been the most difficult time for all. We are doing our best.

Yours sincerely,


Annabelle Thomas