Letter from Osprey Learning Trust and Estuaries Multi Academy Trust

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are writing to update you on the proposal to merge Osprey Learning Trust and Estuaries Multi Academy Trust.

In February, the proposal was considered by the Regional Schools Commissioner for the South West and her advisory board. They have given their approval for the merger to proceed.

The two Boards of Trustees have nominated individuals, from each of their boards respectively, to form a joint working group to continue discussions and work towards merging our Trusts.

Over the coming weeks the following will take place:
• Legal and financial due diligence
• Stakeholder consultation
• Employment (TUPE) consultation for staff effected by a change in employer
• Strategic developments around governance to form the newly merged Trust

Since we last wrote to you, we have significantly increased the collaboration between our Trusts and schools. We continue to believe that geographically, educationally, and financially the merging of our two Trusts is absolutely the right thing for the students and families that we serve and the staff that we employ. There continue to be so many benefits to working together more formally and both Trusts are benefitting hugely from the support of the other.

If the processes above are successful and positive, and the final decision to proceed with the merger is taken by both Boards of Trustees, then we are currently working toward a potential date of 1st June 2022 for the merger to legally come into effect. This is truly an exciting development for our schools and communities.

Kind regards

Katy Quinn                                                                                                                    Paul Cornish
CEO – Osprey Learning Trust CEO                                                                          – Estuaries MAT