Irreversible reactions

Mr. Correy’s class have been learning about materials in science.

We talked about reversible and irreversible reactions. We discussed that making mixtures and solutions are both reversible; we can use filters for mixtures and evaporation to separate solutions. We talked about making a cake and tried a campfire recipe that Mr. Ball had found. It included a box cake mix, some chocolate chips and fizzy drink! We mixed them together and put them in the Dutch oven. We put some hot charcoal on top. The cake burnt. We think sitting the Dutch oven in the charcoal was the problem. Even the bits that looked ok tasted disgusting! Unfortunately, this was an irreversible reaction!

We talked about how burning is also an irreversible chemical reaction. The carbon in the wood reacts, due to the heat, with the oxygen in the air to form carbon dioxide. We can’t change that back!