House Colours Day and Rewards Day

Dear Parents and Carers

Following the launch of our House system for rewards in school, I have the pleasure of informing you of two exciting events which will take place before the end of term.

Firstly, the House who collects the most House Points over the half-term will win a ‘Colours Day’. This is where children of that house will be able to dress in their house colour for a day. For this time we are restricting this to top half. The winners this half-term are the Blue House. Therefore, on Wednesday 16th December, children from Blue House can wear blue clothes of their choosing on their top half.

Well done Blue House.

Secondly, the children have been working towards a whole school total to win a Rewards Day. The children were set a target of 3500 House Points per week for the half-term and I’m pleased to say that they surpassed this amount every week! They’ve worked ever so hard and fully deserve a Rewards Day.

Therefore, on the last day of term, (Thursday 17th December) they will have an amazing Christmas themed Rewards Day. This will include: Christmas Crafts in the morning, Christmas lunch with music and party hats, Gingerbread Man decorating in the afternoon with Hot Chocolate and, we even have a virtual visit from Father Christmas arranged for each class! Can I take the opportunity to thank our Parent and Community Association (PACA) for donating the Gingerbread Men!

This is also the day that we will be celebrating Christmas Jumper Day. If you would like to donate to the Save the children charity that run the National Christmas Jumper Day, please click here.

What a super way to end the term and fully deserved by the children – a great start to the year.

Finally, we have had our first children reach the Bronze badge milestone for House Points (250!). These children will be awarded their badges for their achievements by Mrs Thomas in our last assembly of term. They will now go on to work towards their Silver badges (500 House Points total). Children can find out how many House Points they are on for the year through their teachers.

Feel free to contact me should you require any further information via .

Mr Williams, Deputy Head of School.