School Council

Please meet our newly elected School Council with representatives from Reception to Year 6. They meet and share information together that they feel is important to improve our school. Pupil voice is a vital part of our work at TCS, Mill Lane in having a say in the decisions that affect them.

Minutes from council meetings:

18th January 2019

In the meeting, the children discussed the following points:

Who are our safeguarding officers? How do you know? What are they there to do?
All knew the names of our officers and said they have noticed the posters around. They keep us safe and give advice.

Why do staff where a badge around their neck?
So we know who they are and that they work here.

How would you know if there is a visitor in our school and they are not a member of staff?
They wear red bands so we know they are visiting. We discussed the reason behind having different bands and badges for staff/visitors.

Is there anywhere in the school you feel unsafe?
The playground sometimes because there are lots of children out at the same time. KS2 children do not feel safe in the toilets due to children opening toilet doors/climbing over the cubicles/looking under the doors whilst others are using the toilet.

How do you let someone know if you have a concern?
We can speak to our teachers at break times or lunch times in private, we know that we can talk to any adults that make us feel comfortable in school.

6th December 2018

In the meeting, the children discussed the following points:

Do your lessons enable you to get a real understanding of your learning?
Mostly yes, but some lessons feel too long. We enjoy having longer topic time.

Do you spend lots of time waiting for learning rather than learning?
Some groups are very big and we have to wait for children coming from different classes. We feel that we have to wait a long time after break/lunch.

Do your lessons cover lots of topics in lots of detail?
We like that we get to vote on your topics. We learn about lots of different things but would prefer a more practical approach.

Do you use your learning to help you with learning in other lessons?
We use our RWI skills in literacy and topic time. Year 6 use SPAG.

If you could change how or what you learn, what would it be?
KS1 and year 3 would prefer to stay with their class teacher for the day. Less movement time and more time to do topic. We would like more cross curricular learning. We want more time for music, cooking, art, crafts.


13th November 2018

In the meeting, the children discussed the following points:

– Today we looked at year 5/6’s entries to the Xmas card competition.
– Each child had 2 counters which they placed on their favourite card.
– Crystal was chosen as the winner from SD’s class- a treat has been passed on for her.
– Entries have now been sent to Ann Marie Morris MP.

Could we have a school competition of our own that everyone could join in with?
– Design the best Christmas scene?
– Design a Christmas tree?
– Design a Christmas postcard?


2nd October 2018

In the meeting, the children discussed the following points:

1. Do you feel safe in school?
– We have lots of adults to look after us
– I feel safe with my friends
– Lots of fences and gates

2. Do you know who to talk to if you have a problem? – if so, who?
– Talk to our friends
– Look at the safeguarding posters
– Speak to our teachers
– If issues continue – Mr Deeming & Mrs Quinn
– Speak to our families

3. What is your view on bullying in school? Does it happen? Is it dealt with?
– Sometimes bullying does happen in our school but the adults always sort it by speaking to the children involved.

Can we talk more about mental health?
Recycling? Can we recycle more in school?


18th September 2018

In the meeting, the children discussed the following points:

KS2 snack ideas:
– A variety of fruit
– Crackers and dips
– Vegetables – cucumbers
– Pots of salad
– Cheese sticks
– Bread sticks
– Rice cakes/snack-a-jacks

100% attendance rewards:
– Trips in our local area – zoo/cinema/swimming/beach
– Prize collection – children can go and choose a prize from the office
– Fun day: games/bbq/shops – free burger/wristbands for 100% attendance children
– Money knocked off trip fees
– Party only for those who have 100%

AOB: One of the locks in the new boy’s toilets are broken


8th June 2018

In the meeting, the children discussed the following points:

  • School council have chosen a seaside theme for the design on the containers
  • Beach scene – with sandcastles, sunbathers, children playing etc
  • Then the sea with under the sea creatures swimming around
  • They also asked for windsurfers/paddle boarders on top
  • The pier
  • A ferry boat in the background on the way to Shaldon.
  • School logo incorporated (maybe on a flag)


27th April 2018

In the meeting, the children discussed how teachers help them to learn. Here are some of the responses they made:

  • We like that teacher’s deal with poor behaviour and it is not tolerated
  • Our teachers will help us if we do not understand something
  • We enjoy the activities that our teachers plan for us
  • We prefer practical tasks rather than worksheets/paper jobs
  • Outdoor Learning is loved but some of the children don’t enjoy getting dirty!
  • Marking is helpful and green comments help us to see what we can do to improve

On the whole, the children love their teachers and nobody had a bad word to say!


17th March 2017

We had an open meeting with no set agenda where we could share any feedback from classes and discuss plans for the School Council next term.

Our discussion points:

  • Concerns about cars coming in and out of the car park at the beginning and end of the school day while pupils are walking in or out.
  • Children not liking walking past the parents who smoke just outside the school gate along the path by the car park/flower bed. I did point out that it is a public path not school grounds.
  • The fact that our playground is a small area for number of children and because the field is muddy for majority of school year not able to access it. Talked about some of field being added to playground area with an all – weather surface.
  • Lunch times since the classes sit together at own table has meant some year groups feeling they have to endure inappropriate conversations and food throwing/flicking. This comment was mainly from Year 5.
  • Request for a clock on the playground and suggested it was put up on the green wall of Dr. Gray’s office.
  • Query about any feedback on previous mention from School Council about the poor condition of dictionaries, etc…

Thought for next term:
School Council to do something for the school rather than just meetings.

Ideas put forward:

  • Art workshop for mural
  • Stall/face painting at fete
  • Raise money through bake sale
  • Area of school to improve



3rd March 2017
Ideas for Rewards Day

We discussed Rewards Day trips we have had before and enjoyed, then spoke to our neighbour about what would be good for this year.

• Theatre/cinema visit
• Swimming
• Pennywell Farm
• Bowling
• Nature reserve visit
• Laser park
• Theme park
• Woodlands
• Crealy
• Beach

It was also suggested that for Bronze, a local visit to a park would be good or indoor activities at school. At our next meeting we will share any different ideas our classes suggest.

Talent Show
Although some were aware it will be happening not all knew about this. They suggested they need a letter soon with slip so pupils entering can sign up. Or thought teachers could share with classes and take their names.

Changes already happening

We discussed what changes we could see happening already.

• Drinks with lunch
• Improved seating with class tables
• New menus due in April
• Music playing at lunchtime
• Ideas for uniform
• Toilets being redone

All thought it was great that things are being changed and ideas being listened to.


24th February 2017

The School Council discussed target setting and how we could be more involved with the setting of our learning targets.

Feedback from all members:
• Enjoy being conferenced about their targets and like to set at least one of their own
• Liked idea of them being displayed in classroom on stars
• Felt writing or typing them up for themselves would help them remember them better
• All Rec and Y1 couldn’t share their targets except for one

We also discussed the clubs attended and run in school to see how we could improve them further. Click here to see survey.

27th January 2017

Red Nose Day
Shared the ideas Mrs. Fleming put forward for our Red Nose Day fundraising.

Council voted:
Talent show 5
Non-uniform 1
Cake sale 4

Majority felt just wearing red was very like what we have done in the past. The other ideas were much more popular.

School Uniform Changes
Took a second vote with these school council members.

White shirt 7
Striped shirt 4
Tie 8
No tie 3

Lunchtime changes
We discussed the changes that have taken place and children gave their feedback.
The Council all agreed that the hall was calmer and there was less messing around.
Majority prefer new seating arrangements as less noise and no one is being asked to move.
Two members commented that they miss sitting with friends or siblings.

13th December 2016

This week we have been looking at our school menu and lunchtimes and trying to suggest improvements.

Things that pupils enjoy:
• Chatting with their friends
• Weekly roast
• Fish and chips
• Opening own lunch boxes

Suggestions for new menu choices:
• Chicken pie
• Chicken nuggets
• Chicken burgers
• Pepperoni pizza
• More variety of desserts
• More variety for vegetarians
• More choices of fruit

Food not enjoyed:
• Savoury rice
• Meatballs and sauce

Ideas for the future:
• Music playing
• Mexican day
• Picnics in Summer for class a week
• Fry up
• Fish and roast not always the same day each week
• Christmas cake with Christmas Lunch
• Water on the tables

These comments, along with suggestions for improvements in the hall to make lunchtime a more enjoyable experience, have been discussed at the leadership meeting and will be addressed.

At the end of the meeting they quickly looked at the proposed uniform changes. They used a show of hands to find out what the group think.

Striped shirt – 2 votes
White shirt – 10 votes
Tie – 3 votes
No tie – 3 votes
Unsure – 6

6th December 2016

This week, pupils have been deciding on ideas for a reward for our attendance target ‘Remember, remember, be on time in November’. They have come up with a treasure hunt as the top idea which will take place on Thursday 15th December for all 282 pupils that were on time in November!