School Council

The School Council has been formed to enable us, as a school, to discuss decisions and topics with pupils. It allows us to get the unique views and opinions of the children so that we better informed when making decisions about school improvement. The school council consists of 2 children from each class that are picked by the teacher or voted for. To give more children the opportunity of being on the council we are now ensuring we are changing the representatives every term.

Autumn Term 2019 council members: 

  • Year 1 – Miss Langdown – Lucas and Edith
  • Year 1/2 – Miss Discombe – Isabella and Bailey
  • Year 2 – Mrs Sandercock – Cara and Harry
  • Year 3 – Miss Sowden – Riley and Alba
  • Year 3 – Mr Baxter – Sam and Nevaeh
  • Year 4 – Mr Paine – Cameron and Bridget
  • Year 5 – Mr Correy – Matti and Jack
  • Year 5/6 – Miss Gobel – Will and Amira
  • Year 6 – Mrs Dudley – Ella and Josh


2019 -20 Council Meeting Minutes

6th September 2019

In the first meeting we met each other in the team and discussed the role of being a council representative. The main focus of the meeting was on our Green Behaviours. We discussed how we could change these, if they need updating and what the most important behaviour traits are to us.


2018 -19 Council Meeting Minutes

18th January 2019

In the meeting, the children discussed the following points:

Who are our safeguarding officers? How do you know? What are they there to do?
All knew the names of our officers and said they have noticed the posters around. They keep us safe and give advice.

Why do staff where a badge around their neck?
So we know who they are and that they work here.

How would you know if there is a visitor in our school and they are not a member of staff?
They wear red bands so we know they are visiting. We discussed the reason behind having different bands and badges for staff/visitors.

Is there anywhere in the school you feel unsafe?
The playground sometimes because there are lots of children out at the same time. KS2 children do not feel safe in the toilets due to children opening toilet doors/climbing over the cubicles/looking under the doors whilst others are using the toilet.

How do you let someone know if you have a concern?
We can speak to our teachers at break times or lunch times in private, we know that we can talk to any adults that make us feel comfortable in school.

6th December 2018

In the meeting, the children discussed the following points:

Do your lessons enable you to get a real understanding of your learning?
Mostly yes, but some lessons feel too long. We enjoy having longer topic time.

Do you spend lots of time waiting for learning rather than learning?
Some groups are very big and we have to wait for children coming from different classes. We feel that we have to wait a long time after break/lunch.

Do your lessons cover lots of topics in lots of detail?
We like that we get to vote on your topics. We learn about lots of different things but would prefer a more practical approach.

Do you use your learning to help you with learning in other lessons?
We use our RWI skills in literacy and topic time. Year 6 use SPAG.

If you could change how or what you learn, what would it be?
KS1 and year 3 would prefer to stay with their class teacher for the day. Less movement time and more time to do topic. We would like more cross curricular learning. We want more time for music, cooking, art, crafts.


13th November 2018

In the meeting, the children discussed the following points:

– Today we looked at year 5/6’s entries to the Xmas card competition.
– Each child had 2 counters which they placed on their favourite card.
– Crystal was chosen as the winner from SD’s class- a treat has been passed on for her.
– Entries have now been sent to Ann Marie Morris MP.

Could we have a school competition of our own that everyone could join in with?
– Design the best Christmas scene?
– Design a Christmas tree?
– Design a Christmas postcard?


2nd October 2018

In the meeting, the children discussed the following points:

1. Do you feel safe in school?
– We have lots of adults to look after us
– I feel safe with my friends
– Lots of fences and gates

2. Do you know who to talk to if you have a problem? – if so, who?
– Talk to our friends
– Look at the safeguarding posters
– Speak to our teachers
– If issues continue – Mr Deeming & Mrs Quinn
– Speak to our families

3. What is your view on bullying in school? Does it happen? Is it dealt with?
– Sometimes bullying does happen in our school but the adults always sort it by speaking to the children involved.

Can we talk more about mental health?
Recycling? Can we recycle more in school?


18th September 2018

In the meeting, the children discussed the following points:

KS2 snack ideas:
– A variety of fruit
– Crackers and dips
– Vegetables – cucumbers
– Pots of salad
– Cheese sticks
– Bread sticks
– Rice cakes/snack-a-jacks

100% attendance rewards:
– Trips in our local area – zoo/cinema/swimming/beach
– Prize collection – children can go and choose a prize from the office
– Fun day: games/bbq/shops – free burger/wristbands for 100% attendance children
– Money knocked off trip fees
– Party only for those who have 100%

AOB: One of the locks in the new boy’s toilets are broken