Early Years Foundation Stage

Did you know that all children learn more in the period from birth to five years old than any other time in their lives? (Development Matters 2020)

Toddlers are curious and energetic explorers, motivated to learn through play, talking, stories, sensory play and many more other experiences. At Teignmouth School Mill Lane Nursery we welcome toddlers aged 2-4 years. We have two rooms within our Nursery, one for children aged 2-3 and one for children aged 3-4.

Our nursery team is lead by a fully qualified teacher and consists of experienced and highly qualified staff. Not only is the team extremely knowledgeable and skilled, they also pride themselves on building strong relationships with the children, leaving parents and carers secure in the knowledge that their children are safe and happy.

Here at Mill Lane Nursery, the routine of the sessions remain the same each week, but the weekly theme changes to fit in with the children’s interests which stimulates and encourages participation from the children. We have a balance between child initiated and adult led activities which allow the children to play and explore whilst also gaining early experience of more formal teaching.

Our nursery is currently open 9:30 – 3:30 during term time and your child can either attend a morning, afternoon or all day session. For those children who register to attend our school, it is a great way for them to familiarise themselves with the school setting ahead of starting. Alongside this, it gives parents and carers the opportunity to see their little ones independence grow before starting, whilst getting to know other members of staff and other parents.

You can keep up to date with your child’s learning through the Seesaw app which allows us to include parents and carers to the learning process. It is a great way for us to communicate between home and school and for us to share photos and observations of what your child has been up to during their time at nursery. We very much encourage you to upload photos and engage with the learning that your child has been up to, as it is important for parents and carers and early years settings to have a strong and respectful partnership in order for children to thrive!

We are a Read, Write Inc school for our phonics scheme of work so in the last term of Nursery, children are taught to say the sounds of letters with the help of mnemonics, to blend the sounds into words and read simple ‘blending books’.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact:

Rebecca.emery@teignmouthschool.co.uk – Early Years Coordinator

Kerry.elver@teignmouthschool.co.uk – Nursery Manager