Christmas Events

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is with regret that we are not going to be able to hold our Christmas events in person in its traditional form. Although our covid rates are falling, they are still too high to be able to have multiple parents on site and in confined areas. We have not taken this decision lightly, and appreciate that many of you will be as disappointed as we are, but we must play our part in safeguarding the whole community by not having large scale gatherings which could spread Covid-19.

However, we do not want you or the children to miss out and so the productions will be going ahead so that children still get the experience of performing, and these will be recorded for you to watch at home at your own leisure.

Please see details below:

Tuesday 7th DecemberMiss Sowden’s class visiting a local nursing home for carol singing. Outside/Covid secure visit.
Wednesday 8th DecemberMiss Sowden and Mr Paine’s class trip -outside/Covid secure visit
Thursday 9th December9.30am and 1.45pm New reception open day. These will be outside visits only.
Monday 13th DecemberKS2 and Kingfisher’s Christmas performance. These will be recorded on this day and then sent out later this week. They will be password protected and this will be communicated via SeeSaw.
W/B 13th DecemberNursery Christmas crafts all week
Tuesday 14th DecemberReception and KS1 performance. This will be recorded on the day and then sent out later this week. They will be password protected and this will be communicated via SeeSaw.
Wednesday 15th DecemberTake an Elfie!
Raising money for a charity.

Wednesday 15th DecemberChristmas dinner day. All pupils will have their dinners in their classroom as they are now, with a small minority socially distanced in the hall. Information has been sent out about ordering.
Thursday 16th DecemberFather Christmas visit to classes TBC
Rewards morning
Christmas jumper day

1-3.00pm PACA event-Santa run on the field. Pupils have been given a sponsor sheet so please continue to collect sponsorship.

Parents unable to attend but photos will be circulated.

Last day of school for children to attend.
Friday 17th DecemberReview day using Parents evening system (virtual)

Links to be sent out soon for you to sign up to a slot at your leisure.

Non-pupil day.
Wednesday 5th JanuaryPupils back to school for Spring term

We hope that these arrangements will give you a flavour of the activities your child will be taking part in over the next few weeks. We will be bringing as much Christmas cheer as we can in school, from within our bubbles. We want all of you, the children and staff to have a healthy and happy Christmas. Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Annabelle Thomas