Dear Parent/Guardian


Welcome again to TCS Exeter Road.  I am sorry not to have sent out details regarding our transition arrangements already but we have been monitoring the situation carefully and been looking to see how best to run things in light of the pandemic.  It has been wonderful to meet many of your sons and daughters already in our visits to local primary schools.  Our future Year 7 look like a particularly good crop!

Normally we run a comprehensive transition programme with at least a full week in school in July for all and an evening welcome event where I and other key staff introduce ourselves to new students and their parents. It is with great regret that due to the current situation and guidance from the government, we will no longer be able to put these activities in place in full.  However, please be reassured that we will still run some carefully considered transition events which will ensure that our new Year 7 are eased into their new secondary school and will be nurtured and looked after throughout this significant step.


Accompanying this letter is our prospectus. We recommend you have a good look through this and at our website with your child to familiarise yourselves with our school so you are ready and can look forward to the September start and joining us.

Transition Days

The current guidance does not allow us to mix ‘bubbles’, so to bring Year 6 pupils from different schools together in their new tutor groups here at TCS.  We can’t therefore invite all of our new Year 7 into school for the last week of term as we had planned and hoped.  However, we still think we should do everything we can within the guidance to support transition so we will invite our new Year 7 into school for one day during the last week of term within their primary ‘bubbles’.  We will keep them separated from other groups and still be able to give them a good taste of secondary school life prior to the summer holiday.

Our plan is to invite pupils in to school arriving at 9.30am and to be collected at 3.00pm on the dates below:

  • Monday 19 July Hazeldown & Stokeinteignhead
  • Tuesday 20 July OLSP & Shaldon
  • Wednesday 21 July Bishopsteignton & Mill Lane
  • Thursday 22 July Opportunity for others to visit for 1-2 hours during the school day*

(* If your son/daughter does not attend one of main feeder primaries and you would like them to have the chance to visit, please choose this option on the online form and we will be in touch to arrange a window for them to visit on this Thursday.)

To book your child in for one of these days, please follow the link below to a One Drive form which will enable you to register them.  We will inform your child’s primary school of their attendance with us on this day.  Please could you send them to us in their primary school uniform and with a bag containing some trainers and sports kit for PE, sun cream, a water bottle, packed lunch and a pencil case/stationery for lessons.

Link to transition day booking form: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=Hiwzz8D4KUifGHZ6Hu0oyfLBNj-IxB1Nti3roIoyu-NURFZEV05FVEVDVDRVWjlVMzczSUNVQ0VCTi4u

Many of you have registered for the ‘Big Step’ which will give your child further familiarity with our school and should also give them an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.  We will run a further transition day in September on the first day of term, Wednesday 8 September, when new Year 7 students will be properly introduced to our school.  Other year groups will not be in school on this first day of term and our new Year 7 will meet their tutor and other teaching staff and be given a full and thorough induction to our school over the day.

Tutor groups

Using the knowledge and advice from primary school colleagues, we have created six mixed ability tutor groups which will represent all of our feeder schools. This provides most new students the opportunity to be with some young people they already know as well as to forge new friendships.  We will let you know which group your son/daughter is due to join before the end of term.

Parents Welcome Evening

 We plan to hold a meeting for our new Year 7 and their parents on Wednesday 21 July from 6.00pm where we will introduce ourselves and talk you through key information and advice.  This involves an opportunity to meet with your child’s tutor where they will introduce themselves and talk through the September start.  This may well have to run virtually this year, as we did last year very successfully.  However if the guidance changes we may still be able to invite you in.  We will confirm this in our next letter where we will also confirm your child’s tutor group.

Uniform and ParentPay

Please find attached the ParentPay letter for you to join. This enables students to use the cashless catering system and for you to view school trips, uniform and activities.  The TCS Uniform Shop has now closed but the remaining items can still be purchased on ParentPay. These are held at cheaper prices to enable stocks to go.  Items can be purchased and then collected from our Reception, usually two working days later. This is only during term time. If the sizes you require are not available in our shop please visit the Trutex website (https://www.trutex.com/) using our school code LEA000946SC. The uniform policy can be viewed in our prospectus.  For all enquiries regarding uniform, please email Rosemary Martin at rosemary.martin@teignmouth.devon.sch.uk.  We do offer some support if you are struggling to afford the costs of uniform.

Information Sheet

 Thank you to those parents who have already returned a data collection sheet.  We must have received a completed data sheet from you in order for your child to start at TCS for safeguarding and health and safety reasons.  Another copy is included with this letter.  Please return this to us by Friday 9th July, either in person or by post, if you have not already done so.  Thank you.  If you have any specific information or details about your child that are not covered on the Data Collection sheet, please do contact us at: studentsupport@teignmouth.devon.sch.uk

Further details about how school will run throughout the pandemic will be provided before the September start, following the national advice.  We are looking forward to meeting you and getting to know your child.  We will do everything we can to support them throughout this transition and during their time with us in secondary school.


Best wishes

James O’Connell