Virtual Review Day- Friday 18th December

Dear Parents and Carers,

As I have previously mentioned, Review Day will be held virtually on Friday 18th December. As always this will be a non-pupil day. You will shortly receive notification from School Cloud (Parents Evening System) to your e-mail address to notify you on how to book the video appointments for review day. You are able to choose the appointments that best suit you, on a first come first served basis. You will also receive instructions on how to register for the system and how to make the appointment.  I can assure you, it is very straight forward.

If we do not have your e-mail address or you have recently changed it, please click here to complete a data collection form asap, as without this, your virtual review day appointment cannot happen.

The virtual video meetings will be timed and so if you require any further time than what is allocated, please indicate this to the class teacher and they will arrange a further meeting at another time. This new system has been successfully tested at Exeter Road and so I am sure ours will run smoothly.

Before Review day, you will receive your child’s report sent to you via the Parent App. These reports are really important as they will contain information following your child’s progress post lockdown and what we are doing to help them to catch up, and next steps that you could do to support at home.

To download the school app, please search for the ‘Smart School Parent App’ in either the Apple app store or Google play store.  Please then email for your login details.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with myself, another member of the leadership team, or the school office.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Annabelle Thomas

Head of School.