Update 12/06/19

WALT: recognise, name and find a quarter of an amount.

This week in Year 1, we have been busy learning how to identify 1 quarter. We sang a fractions song on the carpet during circle time and used whiteboards and pens to draw how we can share amounts.

We then had a teddy bears picnic with Miss Powley and practiced sharing amounts between the 4 bears.

Mr Maunder’s table have been decorating pizzas. Each quarter of the pizza needed a different ingredient. We then wrote in our maths books ‘1/4 of the pizza has pepperoni, ¼ of the pizza has mushrooms.’

Through our continuous provision we have been slicing playdough cakes and pizzas into halves and quarters, sharing fruit between our maths parrots Pearl & Petunia and having a go at using mathematical graphics using whiteboards and pens.