School update

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that all had a relaxing Easter holiday and managed to enjoy the sunshine.

As you will have heard I am sure, but the lockdown has not been lifted and it is looking likely that it is going to continue for some time. Therefore, we as a school continue to remain open only for families of key workers and those who are vulnerable (have a social worker working with the family). There is a booking form now live on our website for you to log onto. Please note, that it is still safest for pupils to be at home where possible. We are also offering a paid after school session until 6pm as FISH are no longer able to provide this in the interim period.

For parents who are able to access benefit related free school meals, we are currently subscribing to the national voucher scheme. This is to the value of £15 and available at most supermarkets. However, across the country this is proving quite problematic so please bear with us for this. If you feel that you would be entitled to this, there will be a booking form shortly available on the website for you to fill in your details. Until these are available, we will continue to provide packed lunches which you are able to phone in daily and order by 9.30am. Children accessing the provision at school, will be able to order a hot school meal if they do not access the voucher scheme.

Staff will be making fortnightly phone calls to the pupils in their class to keep in touch with them as this period has extended. The staff very much miss seeing the children as I’m sure the children miss them. We will also be sending home reports over the next week with the use of Seesaw so that staff can communicate further with pupils and provide feedback to them on their completed learning.

I look forward to seeing some of the pupils in school over the next few weeks. I wish everyone a safe and healthy few weeks and I hope to see you all very soon.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Annabelle Thomas
Head of School.