Outdoor Learning in Year 1

Year 1 Miss Powley

We went to the woods to see how they have changed since we last visited. We saw that nearly all the trees have lots of leaves now (although a few still don’t) and that lots of other things have grown too. There are more plants (bushes, flowers, nettles, weeds) growing everywhere and the flowers have changed too. There are lots of bluebells but no daffodils, snowdrops, crocuses, violets or hellebores. There are a few primroses but not as many as before. We talked about what has changed (it is lighter for longer and warmer) and than most plants prefer these conditions for growing. Others (like those mentioned) do well with less warmth and sunlight and this helps them to avoid competition. We talked about what that means in plants.

We saw a slow worm too and talked about why it was hiding under the carpet and why we don’t see them in winter or autumn.