Opening arrangements from June 1st 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following the announcement on Thursday 28th May, I can now confirm that we will open to wider year groups from 1st June. If your child has already been attending school as a key worker or vulnerable child, then they can still continue to do so. We will now be looking to open the school for pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 after half term.

In order to keep everyone safe which is our highest priority, we have to follow very strict Government guidelines, so as I said in my previous letter, school will look very different from now as we move towards a ‘new normal’. Please see my previous letter for more details. Below I have clarified some important details.

In order to adhere to social distancing, there will be a staggered drop off and pick up time (see timetable below). These will be clearly signposted at the main entrance and we have safety measures in place to support this, such as a one-way flow system marked off with fencing. Pupils will be dropped off by parents and taken into school by an adult from school and into their classroom. We request that drop off is done as quickly as possible in order to obey social distancing. In order to keep the number of people at drop off and pick up times to a minimum, please could one adult only drop off and pick up and stick to the times below promptly to avoid year groups crossing over. Once you have dropped your child off, please exit through the one-way system and do not gather at the gates or outside of the school. Also please no blocking of the school gates as this will be an exit point. If you have more than one child, both children may attend at the earliest time to their year group as indicated below and this will be the same for pick-up for the later time. We will also be welcoming children back a year group at a time and then they are encouraged to attend full time (excluding nursery):

Monday 1st June-Key worker and vulnerable pupils
Tuesday 2nd June- Nursery
Wednesday 3rd June-Reception
Thursday 4th June-Year 1
Friday 5th June-Year 6

Please note that if your child has been attending as a key worker or vulnerable child through this period already and are in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 or Year 6, they will be going back into their normal year group and must start on that date above. This is so that the bubbles of up to 15 pupils do not mix. If you have a key worker or vulnerable child that is in Y2-5, they can attend with the same key worker and vulnerable group.

Children will not be allowed into school if they or any household members are showing symptoms of Covid-19. We will send home any children immediately if they have any symptoms.

Due to the bubbles not being able to mix, we are unfortunately not able to offer breakfast club and after school club at this time as this will involve more children and staff mixing together. We hope to have this up and running as soon as possible where guidance allows. Teachers are entitled to Planning, Preparation and Assessment time and we usually have different teachers that cover staff for this time. As this is not able to happen with different staff and children mixing, we will be closing the school by lunchtime on Friday-please see the staggered pick up times below. If pupils are picked up before their usual lunchtime, they will be able to take their lunch home with them.

Could I please ask that pupils bring in a water bottle clearly labelled with the pupil’s name. These can be taken home daily and washed and brought back. Children will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently.

As the school kitchen is now able to open, we will be able to provide a school packed lunch in the first instance to any pupils in Reception and Year 1 who are a Universal Free School Meal and also any other pupils who are a Free School Meal. Alternatively, parents who fall outside of this, are able to pay for a school packed lunch and if parents wish to make their own that this can continue. For those pupils not attending school and who are Free School Meals, we are able to offer you a school packed lunch if you order by 9.30am daily. These will need to be collected from school at midday. The school voucher system will therefore cease as our kitchen is open as stated within the Government guidance.

Other safety measures that I would kindly ask you to support with are the daily washing of school uniform. This is to ensure that nothing can stay on surfaces. We will be having the classrooms and areas of the school cleaned regularly throughout the day. Pupils will keep their belongings under their table in the classroom rather than in the cloakroom. They will not need their PE and outdoor learning kits at this time. The library will also not be opened for the next few weeks but pupils will continue to have access to e-books on AR and Rising Stars. Please could I ask that children do not bring in toys from home.

There are many other areas that we have had to include in our re-opening plan and detailed risk assessment, and if anyone would wish to discuss these, please contact me. We have very much missed the children and look forward to welcoming them back safely and all of our children when the time is right. If anyone chooses not to send their children to school, you will not be fined for non-attendance. Teachers have communicated with you and asked you to give an indication of whether your child or children will be returning from 1st June, and so those that have said yes are included in the bubbles. If you have not said yes, please can I ask that you do not turn up unannounced on the day your child is due in. Please contact us and speak with a member of the team so that we can allocate you to a bubble (particularly in nursery where we have to consider ratios more strictly).

I know this is a very difficult time for everyone but I want you to know that we will continue to support our families. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the leadership team. I look forward to seeing some of you from June 1st.

Thank you for your support as always. Stay safe.

Mrs Thomas
Head of school