New Curriculum Changes

Dear Parents and Carers,

The National Curriculum has changed hugely over the last few years and we have responded by adapting our teaching practice and curriculum offer. More recently, we have made the decision that all children will remain with their class teacher for the duration of the day (with the exception of Read Write Inc. for our younger learners) which will benefit all learners and give children greater continuity.

This means children will no longer need to move between classes for different learning during the day. To support with this, we have been able to allocate each class a consistent teaching assistant to work alongside the teacher in delivering the curriculum. We have removed the time constraints of having to deliver certain learning at certain times; while core lessons such as literacy, numeracy, reading and grammar continue to be taught daily, class teachers will have freedom to deliver that learning throughout the day when it best suits their class. In doing so, learning will be more immersive as all learning will be delivered around the children’s chosen topic: children will continue to choose their own topics. This has also meant we can move back to weekly outdoor learning and physical education slots for all classes.

We are very excited about these changes and have already seen a positive impact with them. If you would like to discuss these changes any further, please contact your child’s class teacher or phase leader.

Kind Regards

Mrs K Quinn