Interview with a Tiger

If you happen to come face to face with a tiger, a giant anteater, an African honey badger, a polar bear, a wolf, a giant armadillo or a jaguar, it might pay to be prepared. And to know which are peace-loving and which might see you as a tasty lunch.

For example, the sweet-looking honey badger is actually a ferocious killer who will gobble up pretty much any small creature when it’s hungry: scorpions, lizards and even venomous snakes. It’s also practically indestructible and can survive attacks from crocodiles or lions as its skin is so thick and tough. The giant anteater, on the other hand, is harmless to humans although it has 100 teeth.

But Andy Seed, the brave human who interviewed a total of ten different clawed creatures, was interested in more than just the obvious stuff and in an exclusive set of interviews he reveals the true thoughts, fears and dreams of his guests.

Packed with quirky, surprising and sometimes disturbing facts, presented in an accessible and entertaining question and answer format, this book is a must for any animal lover or budding conservationist. Each interview covers two double pages and is illustrated in full colour.


As featured on The Book Trust