Home learning: Monday 23rd March 2020

In literacy, we are learning about what makes a hero.
WALT: use a joining word to connect our ideas.

Can you finish this poem to make it personal to you?
We are all heroes and wonderful in our own way! This poem is all about wonderful YOU.
Children can write their poems into the green home books provided. Please draw a picture of wonderful you to go with your poem.

My name is ___________ and I go to Primary School.
My best friend is ___________ and they are really cool.
I watch ________ on TV and playing with __________ is fun for me.
I just love ___________ to eat
and sometimes ___________ as a treat!
__________ is a colour that I like a lot and my ___________ is the best present I ever got!
My favourite person is  _____________ who is a gem
So this, my wonderful poem, is just for them.


Today in mathematics, we are focusing on using kilograms or grams to weigh different amounts.
WALT: compare and describe practical problems for weight/mass

If you do not currently have access to these ingredients or a set of kitchen scales – please have a look at this website instead for a measuring activity online. https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/mostlyPostie/index.html

Follow my play dough recipe and use kitchen scales to measure the amounts in grams.

How many grams in 1 kilogram?
We have also been busy looking at measuring liquids and capacity – if you have a measuring jug at home, this would be a great recap for the children.

700g Flour
200g Salt
2 tablespoons of oil
Enough water to make a dough

Mix the dry ingredients together and add your oil.
At this point, you can add anything you like to your dough to make it unique! Food colouring, scented oils, oats, rice etc.
Add water slowly until a dough is formed and keep mixing.

WALT: Design and make your own superhero mask
What kind of superhero are you? What are your special powers?
You can choose to draw, paint or create your mask anyway that you like!

Cartoon Superhero Mask Color Icons Set Flat Style Design for Celebration Party or Holiday. Vector illustration of Heroic Costume Element