Form SOE3: Parental consent for off-site activities

Dear parents/carers,

You have already received details about our forthcoming visit or activity. Please complete and return this form giving your consent for your child to take part in this activity.

Grenville House Residential
Teignmouth Community School Mill Lane

Visit or activity
Grenville House Residential

Dates and times  
9am 29/11/21 – 3pm 3/12/21

Special details

Swimming ability (for water based activities)

Yes No
Yes No
  1. I would like my child to take part in this visit or activity and having read the information provided agree to him/her taking part in the activities described.
  2. I consent to any emergency medical treatment required by my child during the course of the visit.
  3. I confirm that my child is in good health and I consider him/her fit to participate.