Physical Education

At TCS Mill Lane, we promote a healthy lifestyle and value the importance of physical activity through physical education (PE).

Every child at TCS Mill Lane is taught PE by a qualified PE teacher. In Reception, they are taught 3 x 40 mins lesson per week (at least), with KS1 and KS2 being taught between 60-90 mins per week.

In Reception, the PE curriculum is taught using the Early Years Learning Goals which is linked to physical movement, health and safety.

In KS1, children learn about Dance, Gymnastics and games with a focus on agility, balance and coordination.

In KS2, children learn about Dance, Gymnastics, Athletics, Invasion Games, Netball and Strike and Field, enhancing those skills learnt during KS1.

Depending on the planned activity and the weather, PE can take place inside our hall, on our playground or on our large playing field.  We have a wide range of PE equipment available to cover a variety of activities within our PE curriculum.

At lunch times, we also promote a healthy attitude to daily physical activity. We provide children with access to a range of ‘Huff and Puff’ equipment which is for use outside.

Curriculum Map PE

As a school, we also belong to the very successful South Dartmoor School Sport Partnership. This gives our children access to sports festivals, tournaments, new resources and additional P.E. specialist teachers. The Partnership provides our staff with regular high quality courses and keeps the school informed of all the latest developments in Physical Education.


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