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Let’s hop on a steam train and travel back in time to the Victorian era!

During this half term, we’ll use non-fiction books and video clips to research Victorian education and people, including famous inventors, reformers and Queen Victoria herself. We’ll write on slates, learn the three ‘Rs’ and take part in sewing lessons, just like a child in a Victorian school. ‘Drill’ activities will have us following instructions to march, stretch and jump in formation. We’ll learn about crime and punishment and find out what life was like in a Victorian slum. How things have changed! We’ll discover what happened during the Industrial Revolution and learn about significant inventions. Copying the style of famous Victorian paintings, we’ll experiment with block printing techniques.

Memorable Experience: a Victorian classroom

We will experience first hand what it might have felt like for a Victorian child at school when we turn back the clocks and hold some Victorian lessons.

Love to Investigate:

Can fruit light a bulb?

In this topic we will be learning:

As Scientists – we will learn about light, how it travels and how it enables us to see. We will also find out about shadows.

As Historians – we will answer: How were children viewed in Victorian times? Was life the same for all Victorian children?

As Musicians – we will listen to parlour music from the Victorian era and learn a range of popular songs from the time.

As Designers– we will design and make sampler for a Victorian home, deciding which room it is to be used to decorate.

As Artists – we will learn about the art work of William Morris and recreate wallpaper designs inspired by his work.

In PSHE – we will look at our rights and responsibilities.

In RE – we will answer: why do Hindus want to be good?

In Computing – we will look at Victorian photographs and discuss why they look the way they do and use photo editing tools to create our own versions.


Green behaviour for life: Respect

Green behaviour for learning: Independence

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