Yr 4 Mr Paine

Welcome to Mr Paine’s Class

Learning, for at least the start of the summer term, is going to look a little different from usual. While the children are at home, we will try our best to follow the curriculum we have set out, while also attempting to choose tasks that the children won’t need too much input for. We may not be able to do all of the activities and learning below if we have not returned fully to school.

Our topic for summer term 1 is ‘Vicious Vikings’. Don’t worry that there is also a little extra information about the Saxons on the knowledge organiser – it gives our topic some context.  In history, we will be finding out about how the Vikings lived and their impact on life today. Geography will focus on finding out where the Vikings travelled and settled and we will draw a map of a Viking town. We plan to test our designing skills in making a Viking long boat and to use Norse mythology to explore how they viewed the world. Running alongside our topic work, we will be writing a new ending for ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’ in literacy, as well creating wanted posters and newspaper reports.

When school does finally return to normal, our library time will continue on Mondays after break and will allow us time to quiz and change reading books for the coming week. Children also have the opportunity to change their books before registration each morning if they need to and are encouraged to take books home and enjoy them whenever they can in their own time. Parents are encouraged to read with their children and leave comments in their reading records.

  • Spanish – Tuesday mornings with Señorita Collier
  • Homework books return  – each Wednesday
  • Outdoor learning – Thursday afternoons
  • P.E. – Friday afternoons

The marvellous Mrs Corbett will be helping our learning, with regular additional support from Mr Williams as well.

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