Yr 2 Mrs Sandercock

Welcome to Mrs Sandercock’s Class

Welcome to the second half of the summer term.  I hope you all had a restful half term and enjoyed the beautiful weather we have had.

Our topic this term is going to be, ‘Land Ahoy’.  We are going to be looking at different types of journeys, and famous explorers.  Do you know any famous explorers?

In science, we will find out about the basic needs of animals, including humans for survival and the importance of the right diet and exercise.

In literacy, we will reading books about explorers and journeys including ‘The Great Explorer’ and ‘Lost and Found’. Our writing will include letters, diaries, instructions on how to be an explorer and stories based on journeys.

In history, we will study significant individuals in history: Jacques Cousteau, Christopher Columbus, and Sir Francis Drake. In geography, we will use globes and atlases to help plot the journeys of important explorers and use compass directions to help be an explorer.

In R.E., we will explore the question, ‘Who is Muslim and how do they live?’


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