Too Much Stuff

Magpies Meg and Ash build a nest in the branches of the tallest tree in the woods and lay four precious eggs. They decide to decorate their nest, and begin scavenging for adornments such as fairy lights, clocks, bicycles and dustbins! However, they get so carried away they misplace their eggs amongst their belongings.

Meg and Ash call on friends to help tidy the nest, and, in doing so, help many of friends find new homes as well as find grateful owners for the clutter.

This story has all the hallmarks of an Emily Gravett book: timelessness, warmth and fun. A strong rhythm and beat build up an exciting pace and, coupled with classic illustrations, mean families will find this playful story irresistible.

As children’s reading confidence grows, they might want to join in by saying the words, guessing the endings to sentences or pointing out all the interesting things they spot.

There are lots of talking points in this story too such as homes and habitats, giving and sharing, and the importance of keeping our rooms tidy!


As featured on The book Trust